Get curlspired

Hello, and welcome!! take a seat, and indulge in all this info I’m about to unleash on you so that YOU can rock the best curly hair you’ve ever rocked in your life!! lolol

If you have naturally curly hair and want to achieve healthy, bouncy curls then you my friend are in the right place, why? Because at some point I too was struggling to achieve curls worthy of showing off, so I, your new curlfriend will help you START off in the right direction, because I didn’t have that guidance and wished to have ALL the info on how to give your curls life all in ONE place.

I’m going try and make you LOVE your curls, I’m going to give you the tools you’ll need to achieve such curls, all in one place. Here I’ll try to educate you on hair, I’m no stylist and maybe you might not trust my “suggestions” but I was just like you at some point, trying to figure out my hair and getting frustrated my hair wouldn’t cooperate with me I want to help you, seriously I do, I know what it feels like to have unruly hair.

Give your curls LIFE!

About Nettie

Hi I’m Nettie, growing up I struggled with my hair’s identity because my mother always relaxed/permed my hair, therefore I grew up thinking I had “bad hair”, does this sound familiar? I bet it does! I didn’t know if my hair was straight, curly, wavy, or anything, I just grew up feeling like my hair was just a hassle for my mother, although she always had me looking fab, I as a kid did not like the process of getting to such lustrous flowy hair lol, it was torture, every two months it was time to relax that new growth!!


Readers Comments


I don’t have curly hair, but one of my good friends is naturally curly and has had a hard time finding good products for her hair. I didn’t even know there were special hair products meant for people with natural curls!

Great explanation and I love the visuals when you explain. This is something I can share to her so she gets more informed about her natural curly hair!


Well explained and easy to understand. I didn’t think I would read the entire blog but I did, mainly because I don’t have curly hair, but I got interested in what you were saying. 🙂

Tikisha Hudson

Girl thank you for clearly up the fact you can have different textures throughout your hair. My son has straighter hair towards that back ( kitchen area lol) I was always curious on how that could happen.

I thought he was special, but now I see that it is normal 😂🤣😊



My wife is Peurto Rican and her hair is beautifully curly and bouncy. She is always trying different creams and oils to maximize its awesomeness. After reading this I can act like I know what I’m talking about and offer some suggestions. Thanks.